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    sustainable agriculture Toward a sustainable and balanced future
    Agriculture is an important factor in supporting the rapidly increasing population in today’s world. But while increasing the efficiency of food production is important. Sustainable agriculture, on the other hand, is an important answer that aims to create an agricultural system that leads to a sustainable future and a balance between production and reasonable treatment of the environment. And society that lives in agricultural areas and while studying agriculture, if you want to relax, you can come to BCR99TH which will be a source of entertainment knowledge. Just Click and you can relax while studying about agriculture.
    1. Use of technology in agriculture
    The use of technology in agriculture is one of the important ways to increase production efficiency and reduce the use of all resources. Using an automated monitoring and control system, the right amount of water and fertilizer can be managed. This production efficiency reduces wastage of resources and energy in the production process.
    2. Organic farming
    Choosing organic farming methods not only affects the quality of the produce but also promotes environmental protection. By reducing the use of chemicals and supporting effective biological systems for controlling insects and plant diseases. It also creates opportunities for farmers who follow the principles of organic farming to have a stable income.
    3. Strengthening agricultural diversity
    Increasing biodiversity in agriculture helps production systems be more robust and resilient to disease and pest outbreaks. The use of diverse genetics helps plants become more resistant to changing environments.
    4. Development of local wisdom
    Promoting and developing local wisdom is important in creating a sustainable agricultural system. Sharing experiences and knowledge about growing produce in that area Helps build strong agricultural communities with the ability to adapt.
    5. Creating an economically sustainable agricultural system
    Creating a sustainable agricultural system not only has an environmental impact, but it also has an economic impact on the local population. Supporting local marketing and related industry development allows farmers to sell their produce at the correct price and increase their income.

    6. Creating an educational community and promoting education about sustainable agriculture.
    Education about sustainable agriculture is one of the important factors that help promote the development and presentation of agricultural innovations. Building a community where knowledge and experiences are shared will strengthen students and communities towards sustainable agriculture.
    7. Granting rights and support to small farmers
    Supporting smallholder farmers is an essential part of creating a sustainable agricultural system. Providing small farmers with economic rights and agricultural skills enables them to farm sustainably and strengthen their competitiveness in the market.
    8. Focus on bringing technology into rural areas
    The introduction of information and communication technology (ICT) into rural areas improves efficiency and management in agriculture. Providing funding, resources and training in using the technology so that local farmers can understand and make use of it.
    9. Investing in research and innovation
    Investing in research and innovation in sustainable agriculture is important. Because it helps create innovations that make agriculture more efficient. and helps increase sustainability in production
    10. Division and allocation of natural resources.
    Management of natural resources in agriculture creates balance and helps prevent environmental problems. the use of effective water and soil management, etc. Helps reduce environmental impacts that may occur.
    In a way the environment and natural resources are very important. Sustainable agriculture is not just about creating safe, quality food. But there is also consideration of promoting long-term soil and water health. Therefore, sustainable food production is not just a necessity of the day. But it is also the most beneficial investment for the future. And the development of sustainable agriculture is therefore a good choice for creating a sustainable future for our world.

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