Current Committee

RAID is managed by a dedicated, central committee of international agricultural researchers. RAID’s committee operates in four teams: Senior Management (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer), Capacity Building, Communications and Events.

Bec is President of RAID, formerly from the Capacity Building Team. Bec spent the past 2 years at the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research as a Research Program Officer and is now striving to continue her career following her passions for agricultural extension and the Pacific.

Rebecca Cotton

Jack is the Acting Vice-President of RAID and works at the Centre for Global Food and Resources, The University of Adelaide. Primarily, Jack spends his time between Adelaide and Bogor, Indonesia working on an ACIAR-funded project called IndoDairy.

Jack Hetherington

Tamaya is our Treasurer and works at the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research as a Graduate Research Officer in the Horticulture and Crops program. Tamaya has a strong interest in plant microbe interactions and anything involving fungi.

Tamaya Peressini

Sarah is RAID’s Secretary. Sarah studied Rural Science at the University of New England and completed her honours on legume soil nutrition in Myanmar. She is now the Industry Development Officer for the Australian Mango Industry Association, based in Darwin.

Sarah Hain

Bianca (RAID Events) is a soil scientist passionate about creating ‘win-win’ situations for farmers and the environment. Her PhD with the CSIRO and The University of Queensland is on increasing phosphorus efficiency in tropical and subtropical cropping systems under the effects of climate change.

Bianca Das

Shanice is a part of the RAID Events Team. She has a background in horticultural biotechnology and has a strong interest using gene technology to increase the resilience, sustainability and nutritional value of cropping systems.

Shanice Van Haeften

Maddison is part of the RAID Events Team. She is a research scientist based in Darwin. Mangoes are the go with Maddison. Originally from South Australia, Maddison moved to Darwin and has been kicking goals as the local RAID Network rep.

Maddison Clonan

Rohan is part of RAID's Capacity Building Team and works as a Research Associate at the Centre for Global Food and Resources, University of Adelaide. Rohan has a strong interest in agrifood value chains and private sector linkages benefitting smallholder farmers.

Rohan Yargop

Megan has previously worked in China and currently with Syngenta in Queensland. She is part of the RAID Capacity Building Team and is completing her Masters aiming to focus on improving farmers in developing countries through improved agronomic practices and market channels for their produce.

Megan Williams

George is on RAID’s Capacity Development team. He works at The Australian Centre for International Agriculture Research (ACIAR), as a graduate in the Agribusiness program. George is interested in the area of regenerative agriculture and how smallholder farmers can become more resilient to a rapidl

George Chapman

Mia is part of the Capacity Development and Partnerships teams in RAID. She has recently completed her Honours in Geography and is working as a research assistant at various institutions. Mia is interested in rural livelihood aspirations for smallholders (women and young people) in the Indo-Pacific.

Mia Dunphy

Jenny is the Partnerships Director of RAID. Equipped with a degree in veterinary science, Jenny works at the University of Melbourne coordinating a smallholder farmer project that operates in Myanmar.

Jenny Hanks

Thom, on RAID's Comms Team, got the R4D bug thanks to a highly infectious Professor during his undergraduate degree. He has recently submitted a PhD partially based in the Pakistan dairy system, and now works for the Graham Centre in Large Ruminant Health. Thom likes cattle more than people.

Thomas Williams

Candice is on RAID's Communications Team. Candice works in Gunnedah as a veterinary nurse and provides research assistance to Western Sydney University's wombat research. Candice is a citizen science enthusiast and appreciates all animals, their welfare and conservation.

Candice Skelton

Harry is on RAID's Communications Team and is a graduate at ACIAR working in the Livestock Systems program. He has a keen interest in the crop/livestock interface in a smallholder context and how the effects of climate change are affecting these systems.

Harry Campbell-Ross

Ebony is on RAID's communications team and is a graduate at ACIAR working in their Water and Climate program. She has a keen interest in Conservation Agriculture and sustainable livestock farming systems, particularly those involving cattle!

Ebony Ackland

Sue joined the Crawford Fund/RAID Network in 2018 to support both organisations with maintaining websites and general administration. Aside from working with RAID Network Sue supports the Director Capacity Building of the Crawford Fund.

Sue Faulkner