Current Committee

RAID is managed by a dedicated, central committee of international agricultural researchers. RAID’s committee operates in four teams: Senior Management (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer), Capacity Building, Communications and Events.

Belinda is President of RAID. Her interest in international agriculture stems from a drive to work collaboratively in using scientific research to achieve better outcomes for the environment and the world's food producers. Belinda works at NRM South in Hobart as Tasmania's Regional Soils Coordinator

Belinda Nielsen

Jana is Vice President of RAID. She obtained her PhD in plant science at the University of Adelaide and has since migrated into science policy development and analysis. Jana has a strong interest in combining her experience in research and policy to deliver impactful solutions for development.

Jana Phan

Sabrina (RAID Treasurer) is a plant science graduate with a background in plant pathology and microbiology. She has a keen interest in staple food crop development, loves her grains, and is just starting her PhD research in rice gene editing.

Sabrina Morrison

Dan is the Secretary of RAID, currently studying a Master of Agricultural Science at the Uni of WA. His interest in agricultural development stems from a desire to contribute to solutions that will allow the world to feed itself in the face of increasing global population and food requirements.

Dan Kierath

Jess (RAID Events) grew up in Bathurst with a strong connection to agriculture. She attended the University of New England (Armidale) to study a Bachelor of Rural Science and graduated with First Class Honours. Jess sits comfortably in the Ag4D space and is excited to be a part of the RAID team!

Jessica Fearnley

Anna is on RAID's Events Team and is a Program Support Officer at ACIAR working in the Social Systems program. She recently completed a Bachelor of Agricultural Science (Honours) at the UTAS and is interested in supporting agriculture for sustainable development to achieve global food security.

Anna Mackintosh

Sally (Events) has a degree in Biological Science and a masters in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics. She is passionate about Agricultural science with particular interest in how the use of biotechnology, local resources and education can improve the life quality of farmers in developing countries.

Sally Molero

Megan has previously worked in China and currently with Syngenta in Queensland. She is part of the RAID Capacity Building Team and is completing her Masters aiming to focus on improving farmers in developing countries through improved agronomic practices and market channels for their produce.

Megan Williams

Marisa (Capacity Building Team) is a social scientist passionate about connecting healthy diets to healthy environments. She is undertaking a PhD at James Cook University, ARC CoE and WorldFish to explore the influence of migration on small-scale fishers in the Pacific from the youth perspective.

Marisa Mitchell

Manita Raut (RAID Capacity Building Team) is a PhD researcher and a John Allwright fellow at the Australian National University's Crawford School of Public Policy. Manita has five years of experience in natural resource management and is committed to gender and socially inclusive water governance.

Manita Raut

After working in kitchens around the world, Aditya (RAID Capacity Building Team) is currently pursuing masters in global food and agriculture at the Uni of Adelaide. He now works towards understanding the complete supply chain with particular interest in Agronomy, AgResearch and Food Policy.

Aditya Baxi

Bridget (Cap Dev) is a PhD candidate at the University of Technology, Sydney. She is a passionate social researcher with an interest in small scale fisheries and sustainable livelihoods. Her current PhD project is investigating the impact of coral reef restoration on livelihoods in the Philippines.

Bridget Mullany

Alex is part of the Partnerships Team. Having worked in the agricultural industry since growing up on a farm in the Riverina, Alex has found his way to AR4D. An appreciation for sharing farmer knowledge has led him to study agricultural extension at UniMelb.

Alex Russell

Camilla is part of the Partnerships Team and works in Research and Development for the Australian Horticultural Industry. She is an avid traveller and is dedicated to increasing agricultural production efficiencies, minimising food waste and improving accessibility to food for developing countries.

Camilla Humphries

Michael has been involved in research for development projects in South and South East Asia for the past 8 years. He has degrees in biological science and environmental engineering and is currently writing his PhD on digital technology adoption by coffee farmers in the Central Highlands of Vietnam.

Michael Scobie

Tom (Partnerships Team) studied International Demographics at university, focussing on the Somali Food Crisis. He visited Ghana to conduct research on youth opportunities in urban areas. Tom loves sourcing innovative organisations who aim to improve the agricultural livelihoods of communities.

Tom Padfield

Greta (Partnerships Team) currently works for ACIAR, as a Graduate Research Officer. She is a soil scientist with an Honours in agriculture. Greta is passionate about the links between nutrition and agriculture, loves soil and legumes and has experience with AG4D volunteering in Fiji.

Greta Stark

Mikayla (Communications Team) currently works for ACIAR as a Graduate Research Officer. She became passionate about AR4D when undertaking research in Tonga and PNG through university, and looks forward to meeting like-minded people through RAID.

Mikayla Hyland-Wood

Matt is a huge fan of everything green: trees, eggs and ham. With agricultural research experience in Vietnam and a background in economics and sustainability, he is enthusiastic about his role in RAID’s Comms team. Matt is currently a graduate at ACIAR in Program Planning and Impact Evaluation.

Matt Armstrong

Sue joined the Crawford Fund/RAID Network in 2018 to support both organisations with maintaining websites and general administration. Aside from working with RAID Network Sue supports the Director Capacity Building of the Crawford Fund.

Sue Faulkner