Research organisations, whether they be universities, government agencies, not-for-profit or private, are made up of different people, roles and skillsets, and at their core is a drive to innovate, understand and solve the problems facing the world. There are many pathways that researchers can choose to grow on, within research organisations, all of which contribute to the development of new knowledge and technology. By understanding the fundamentals of people, management and leadership, early to mid-career researchers are able to identify which research career pathway is ideal for them to grow and what skills and knowledge they need to get there.

A current priority of the Crawford Fund is training agricultural researchers from around the world to develop their research leadership and management skills. Together, RAID and the Crawford Fund, are hosting a workshop targeting passionate Australia-based researchers who will learn from experts on developing leadership skills in agriculture research, projects and organisations. This is the second of a series of workshop that will deliver the RAID priority to build capacity of RAID members in all aspects of agricultural research leadership and management skills in international agriculture research.

Title:                                     Agricultural Research Leadership and Management

Places available:                 25

Length:                                Two and a half days

Date:                                   Tuesday to Thursday, 9-11 October 2018 (commences at lunch on Tuesday 9th October)

Location:                             Adelaide

Venue:                                Room 7.06, Nexus, 10 Pulteney Street, Adelaide, SA 5000


The workshop will provide an introduction to managing and leading in the context of research for development; and enable each participant to develop a set of actionable outcomes (the 30-day challenge) as a result of participation.


  • Understand the basic concepts of managing and leading
  • Build self-awareness of your own styles and preferences and understand how these impact both your perceptions and how you interact with people
  • Explore people management, and the way people work with and respond to each other
  • Gain skills in providing and receiving feedback, and how to manage conflict
  • Learn about how to manage up-wards
  • Understand models that integrate evaluation and planning
  • Explore processes for effective project management
  • Plan a process of on-going self-directed learning

The workshop will be a combination of seminar style presentations, class and group discussions and group exercises

Target Audience

Outcomes of this workshop will be most useful to those currently working as researchers on agriculture projects in developing countries. However, all of the content is relevant to agricultural research in Australia. PhD students at any stage of their candidature would also benefit.

Networking dinner

The workshop will include a networking dinner for participants, RAID committee, Crawford Fund state committee of South Australia, RAID members and supporters. A short presentation will be made at the dinner by a guest/RAID speaker. A light meal will be provided for all in attendance.

Requirement of attendees

The selection process will favour early-to-mid career applicants (including students) currently working on projects in Australia or in developing countries. Other applicants are welcome to apply, as additional places may be available. The places in the workshop will be capped at 25, so register early to avoid disappointment. Post workshop, each attendee is to write a blog for publication on the RAID website. Attendees are required to fund their own way to the event.

Registration Details

  • RAID Members – $137.50
  • Non-members – $400
  • Must be Australia-based and speak fluent English
  • Pursuing a career in agriculture, agrifood research and/or international development

To register your interest click here 

Attendance to workshop will be confirmed after receipt of registration fees

For more information about the workshop, contact Rebecca Cotton at  or Rohan Yargop at  

Applications close Friday, September 28th 2018.