After the success of our ‘Agricultural Research Leadership and Management’ workshops in Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart, Wagga Wagga and Darwin, RAID Network and the Crawford Fund are thrilled to bring this workshop to Perth for the first time!

The workshop will be held from 3-5 March 2020 at the University of WA Watersports Complex.

There will also be a trivia and networking event on 3 March from 6.00pm-9.00pm. The RAID group invites both participants of the workshop AND the general public to attend this vibrant and engaging event.

Wagga workshop 2019

About the workshop


The workshop will provide an introduction to managing and leading in the context of research for development; and enable each participant to develop a set of actionable outcomes as a result of participation.

  • Understand the basic concepts of managing and leading
  • Build self-awareness of your own styles and preferences and understand how these impact both your perceptions and how you interact with people
  • Explore people management, and the way people work with and respond to each other
  • Gain skills in providing and receiving feedback, and how to manage conflict
  • Learn about how to manage up-wards
  • Understand models that integrate evaluation and planning
  • Explore processes for effective project management
  • Plan a process of on-going self-directed learnin
  • The workshop will be a combination of seminar style presentations, class and group discussions and group exercises

For more information, download the pdf here