Please mark your calendar and join us for a special seminar series in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide the week of 30th September 2019, as well as a nationwide ADB Procurement 101 webinar on 17th September.

Gain access to senior officials from the Asian Development Bank (ADB), World Bank and the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and get in-depth and practical advice on international development sector and geographic priorities and how to successfully pursue and win business opportunities through aid-funded projects.

  • International development projects continue to present significant opportunities for Australian organisations thanks to our geographic proximity, proven track record, knowledge and understanding of regional needs, and expertise in relevant sectors.
  • These projects not only provide an alternate channel to developing markets with the preferred governance and transparency but they can also act as a multiplier effect opening avenues to secure other development projects funded by the UN, bilateral aid agencies and non-government organisations (NGOs). Opportunities exist across from pre-design, design to implementation.
  • Australian companies have an established track record of being involved in international development projects. From 1 January 2016 to 31 May 2018, Australian companies were awarded 102 Technical Advisory contracts by the ADB (A$148 m) and 128 projects (A$149m) by the World Bank.
  • There is a strong commitment by developed nations to drive regional economic and social growth, prosperity and stability through their international Official Development Assistance (ODA) programs. These countries and the multilateral agencies are scaling up their investment in international aid and investment projects and are seeking further participation by private sector in designing and deploying development programs.

Download a preview of the program here. Official invitations and registration links will be sent shortly.